Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garage Sale: Day 1

_MG_6467.jpgEvery year we have a neighborhood garage sale. This is great for garage sale shoppers because, in theory, you can hit a ton of houses in one place. Our neighborhood has over 300 houses, not that everyone has a sale, but it helps to have a ton of houses in a neighborhood. Your chances of shopping more sales goes up. This is the first year that I decided we had enough junk merchandise to participate. See that white pickup?

_MG_6469.jpgI think that man fared quite well in our neighborhood, don't you? He's about ready to have is own Volkswagen commercial (or Chevy in this case).
_MG_6470.jpgI had my own little sign advertisers. It was great. They made their own signs, colored them, and ran out of ink. They drove my business walking the neighborhood streets. :)
_MG_6473.jpgWith that stormy weather we've had everything is wet, wet, wet. It was a garage picnic for lunch because the lawn was soggy. 

We did quite well for the first day. I even got things closed up just in time for anther little rain storm. Grrr! We've got one more day to go. If today goes as well as yesterday we won't have anything left! Let's just hope the storms keep away for the day. If you're in the neighborhood be sure to swing by and say "Hi".

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