Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garage Sale Again!

_MG_6474.jpgMy Lutheran Stud rigged some areas in our garage so I could hang clothes. You know, it makes shopping a little more appealing when you can see the product well.
_MG_6487.jpgColoring with permanent markers on large sheets of paper kept the young kids occupied for about an 1 hour. Then it got a little old.
_MG_6483.jpgWe, again, had some advertisers out and about.
_MG_6480.jpgThere was plenty of time to ride trikes and bikes all day long. Thankfully the nasty weather went away and hasn't returned. . . yet.
_MG_6485-Edit.jpgRachel walked everywhere advertising and checking out other sales. The kids had a blast "shopping" at other peoples' homes. We had a great sale although I think I'm more of a shopper than a seller. We'll see what next year looks like for us.

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