Friday, April 29, 2011


_MG_5524.jpgA family from our church gave us a family ticket to the Colorado Railroad Museum, so while Mimi and Papa were in town we decided to check it out.
_MG_5533.jpgThere were some pretty old trains and they were everywhere.
_MG_5554.jpgThis place was like a big playground in the shape of trains. The kids ran, climbed, and explored this place.
_MG_5570.jpgOutside there was also a big massive track that had several trains running simultaneously.
_MG_5573.jpgThere was even a Thomas the Train railroad. The kids would run all around trying to chase all the trains around the tracks.
_MG_5579.jpgScraggily deer hung around pretty close by as well. They weren't afraid at all. 
_MG_5594.jpgThis was a massive snow blower. How would like to have this blow the snow off of your driveway or road? 
_MG_5595.jpgThere were also rabbits that would pop out. David thought it would be fun to chase them. There were a few times when we couldn't find David. Then a rabbit would pop out from behind a train and there was David running right behind it. They're fast little suckers!
_MG_5598.jpgThe oldest and youngest. :)
_MG_5610.jpgThis train museum was definitely a playground for the children. 
_MG_5621.jpgInside the museum was an incredible world of trains.
_MG_5629.jpgI've heard that there is a retired man that has spent years creating this enormous city with trains that run all around it. It was so large that there was no way I could get a photo of the entire thing. It was pretty spectacular.

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