Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Time to Relax

_MG_5500.jpgAfter a long week of preaching and teaching what do pastors do to relax? 
_MG_5502.jpgThey smoke cigars.
_MG_5503.jpgAnd play a little poker.
_MG_5509.jpgWhat do the kids do? They sneak Peeps off of cupcakes!
_MG_5510.jpgOops! Caught red handed!
_MG_5511.jpgIt was a long day. Mimi and Rachel couldn't even keep their eyes open.


Lauren said...

What's in the crockpot on the boys' table?

edie said...

My favorite post of in all of blogland for April. This is why we stalk Lutheran pastors. My husband chuckled at this post with a twinkle of envy in his eyes :)
Blessed Easter to you Jan,

JAN said...

Lauren, there are bacon wrapped lil' smokies in the crockpot. Mmm...

Edie, a blessed Easter to you and your family as well. I'm sure Martin Luther smoked cigars and played a little poker after Easter as well. :)

Adriane said...

I saw the crockpot and wondered the exact same thing!!

Jared + Pastor Wolfmueller = trouble

Lauren said...

Some people might look at these pictures and think, "Oh my. The future of Lutheranism is in these hands?!" But I look and think, "Ah, yes. Lutheranism will be fine. It's in good hands." Three cheers for confessional pastors!