Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Smashed Potatoes

_MG_5126.jpgHere's a super simple way to make baked potatoes. I love my crock pot. I'd make all my meals with a crock pot if I could. All you do is stick your potatoes in a crock pot. Sprinkle with a little olive oil, salt, and herbs. Put the lid on and stick the crock pot on high. Cook for about 4-5 hours on high or all day on low.
_MG_5130.jpgPlace your potatoes on a baking sheet.
_MG_5131.jpgPull out your potato masher. Smash your potatoes! 
_MG_5135.jpgFun, right? Smashing potatoes.
_MG_5136.jpgAdd your toppings and you're finished. We like cheese on our potatoes. I also like to put barbecue sauce on top. Who doesn't like barbecue sauce. It's kind of like my ketchup. Mmm. . . Enjoy! They'll go perfectly with your pork chops.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

brilliant! i will be using my crockpot more when we move to guam. this will be a nice change from regular old baked potatoes!