Friday, April 22, 2011

In Just Minutes. . .

_MG_5223.jpg. . . your clothes can look like this.  Would you be a happy about it? My one year old was ecstatic to be playing in a pool of mud, literally.
_MG_5217.jpgThe older children came running into the house to tell me that Anna was playing in their well. "Well?" I asked. "Yes, Mom. We built a well in the ground."  
_MG_5219.jpgI went out to the backyard to find this cute little girl totally soaked. Not only was she playing in the "well", but she tasted it too. She'll eat anything you put in front of her. It didn't bother her one bit that she was sopping wet and could barely walk because her jeans probably weighed more than she did.
_MG_5220.jpgShe only got upset when she thought she was in trouble for being a mess. Into the bath tub she went. Then she wanted to go back outside. Um, no way was that going to happen. How about a nap instead?

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Lauren said...

She looks so dang cute. :)