Saturday, April 23, 2011


_MG_5285.jpgEaster is all about colored eggs right? Just kidding. They're kind of pretty though, aren't they?
_MG_5280.jpgMimi and Papa blew into town just in time for Good Friday service.
_MG_5287.jpgI'm thankful Mimi was able to dye eggs with the children since I had Easter dinner things to prepare.
_MG_5292.jpgWe had some pretty colorful eggs!
_MG_5296.jpgWe gave the kids crayons to color on the eggs before we dyed them.
_MG_5304.jpgWe're thinking about hiding eggs in the morning. Hopefully they'll find them all or we could be in some trouble in a few weeks.
_MG_5308.jpgRebecca colored this one: "Jesus died for our sins." She is right indeed!

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So I say...Living Life to the Fullest said...

One year when we went on our Easter egg hunt we came up with more eggs than the parents put out. Turns out, some were left over from the year before. Have a blessed Easter!