Friday, April 1, 2011


Once again we have a four year old in the house. Happy birthday, David! (I know I seem to post this photo for every birthday. It's the hair. I just love this photo because of his hair.) Your due date was tax day. Your father and I prepared for this. We had babysitters lined up and people to preach in case your father couldn't be at church. You, however, had other plans.

In the wee hours of April 1st, 2007, I was woken up to, what I thought was, myself wetting the bed. I guess the joke was on me because my water had broke. I hadn't wet the bed at all. Strangely enough, I wasn't sure what to do. I waited a bit. Then I packed a bag and called the doctor. Then I woke your dad up and we headed to the hospital. I arrived around 2:30 am. A test was done to make sure that indeed my water had broken. I was 4 cm dilated, but hadn't felt a single contraction yet. The doctor arrived. Your dad was sitting there wondering what he should do since it 2:30 on Sunday morning, but not just any other Sunday. It was Palm Sunday. He didn't have that Sunday covered because we hadn't had any other babies arrive 15 days early. So, back to the doctor. He and your father had a little conversation that went something like this:

"Look, Doc, I don't have anyone to cover for me this morning at church. How long do you think this will take?" This coming from my Lutheran Stud, of course.

"You know, I'm actually scheduled to read the readings at my church at 8 am this morning?" My Lutheran OB doctor replied.

"Oh? Who will read if you're not there?" Lutheran Stud.

"Probably my wife. She hates doing that sort of thing, but I think she'll do it." My Lutheran (ELCA) doctor says.

"Huh." Lutheran Stud.

Meanwhile, I still haven't felt any contractions, but I know I'm having them because they are showing up on the monitor.

"You know, I could speed things up, so that we can both make it to church on time. I could give her some pitocin."  OB doctor, getting creative.

"Can you really do that?" Lutheran stud.

Sure. Anything to accommodate my Lutheran stud and doctor.  Me, just sitting there, while they talk about me like I'm not in the room.

Needless to say, I was given pitocin.

By, and I'm guessing, about 3:45 am or so, I was feeling a really horrible pain. I mean excruciating pain. Pain, that your father recognizes as, we're about to have a baby kind of pain. Oh, did I mention that he had just stepped out to get some coffee? Yeah. He came back into the room and I yelled at him. He ran and got the nurse, who came and checked me, then she ran as fast as she could to fetch the doctor. The doctor came.

I said something like, "He's coming," but with a more painful voice.

He said, "Don't push." He was washing his hands.

At first I said, "Okay." Then I said, "I can't hold it anymore."

So he said, "Okay, push," and reached his hand out to catch little David.

The doctor had just finished washing his hands and didn't even have time to put on gloves or one of those fancy gowns doctors wear to deliver babies. My bed was never converted. Nothing was ready for your birth. You just came out with half a push and a barehanded catch! You were born with some pretty amazing blond highlights. The nurses oohed and ahhed over you and your highlights. They said a person can't even get highlights that nice from a salon. You gave me a glimmer of hope for, maybe, having a child with blond hair.
Four years later you keep us on our toes with new surprises everyday. You are such a goofy clown making us laugh a lot. We can't get enough of you. When you do something naughty, I am sure that you know it is wrong, before you even do it, because then, you flash that sly little smile of yours, and I just can't seem to punish you. You've got me wrapped around your little finger, most of the time. I love that you asked for "train pupcakes" for your birthday. What you ask for you shall receive. We love you, David! You have been a wonderful blessing to this family. Happy birthday.


Adriane said...

Happy birthday, David! You will always be my favorite baby to rescue!

the aptly-named Baby Rescuer

Lauren said...

I loved this story. It's very you and Jared. :)

But I especially loved hearing you talk about David and all the things that make him special. Give him lots of hugs from us.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday David!!

JAN said...

Thank you, Nicole!

Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, David!!

Glenda said...

My mother-in-law likes to tell me the story of my husband's birth. Short story made shorter: she got to the hospital, the doctor walked in and caught the baby all before my father-in-law could park the car and get upstairs. He, also is named David. :-)

Happy Birthday David!