Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Know. . .

. . . you live in Colorado when, on Monday morning you wake up to this.
And by Monday afternoon, you can do this.
Of course you wouldn't be without a little helper.
That's my Lutheran Stud hard at work. Sometimes, rather than helping, I just like to take photos of him working. It's more fun. We He and Thomas planted carrots, onions, lettuce, and peas into the ground. Then they started some herbs inside. Our eggplant and peppers have finally taken off. It makes me excited for the summer!
Then, this morning, you wake up to this. There's a saying in Colorado: If you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes. The sun out here is extremely bright and a lot warmer since we live at high altitude, so this snow doesn't have a chance today. It will be melted by lunch time.

Have you started your gardens, yet? 


Esther said...

Um, yeah, no. Seeing as we got 14 inches of snow last week. :-( Hopefully I'll get mine started by the 4th of July...

Erin said...

I have all the equipment to start the pepper and tomato seeds on the floor of my kitchen. I'll get those started some time, tonight hopefully! I like to plant a row of spinach and lettuce in mid May and everything else Memorial Day weekend.

We still have a substantial white blanket on the ground. While the robins are back, spring is very reluctant to make an arrival.

Jennifer V. said...

I need to start my garden. I did not have much luck with starting my seeds inside this year. I've been looking for cabbage but haven't found it yet at any of the stores. What I have been doing is lots of soil prep.

Adriane said...

Not fair! It snowed six inches on Saturday here . . .

That's it. I'm moving!

Still need that nanny?

Kristen @ Joyfullythriving said...

Oh, I'm ready to start my garden! I haven't...but I'm ready! It's still quite cold here in the Fort Wayne area. Sigh. For now, I'll plan what I'm going to plant and dream of the others who are already planting...like you! :-)

JAN said...

We've had such a snow drought this year that I still think we might get a big storm in April. Hopefully I'm wrong, but Colorado has been known to get big snow storms in April.

Jennifer, now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen cabbage seeds around either. I've seen a lot of lettuce and salad mixes. My husband has done quite a lot of soil prep as well. He planted some sort winter grass that gets tilled into the garden in the spring. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Nanny position is always open for you, Adriane. Always. :)

Runner Mom said...

Hey Jan! Just visiting from Edie's blog(Life in Grace). We visited CO several yrs agon and just loved it! We were discussing what veggies to plant last night. Hubby wants okra--which we love deep fried!I already have some spinach that needs to be planted. And, of course, tomatoes. I had squash and zucchini last year. Yum!

We shoot with the same wonderful camera! I love the 85 mm lens too--awesome!

I will be back to visit. Have a great day!