Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring has arrived, I think. We still haven't had a major snow storm, so I'm still a little leery. There's still April. Colorado has been known to get some heavy snow in April. For now, we'll just enjoy the sun and warmer weather. I suppose this could be a continuation of the home tour. I never did give you a tour of the garage. Since it was so nice out the other day, it was time to put away the winter stuff and clean out the garage._MG_4096.jpg
There's a lot of wall space in our garage. We don't like to see it go to waste. Whatever can be hung, is hung._MG_4091.jpg
My Lutheran stud/rock star. :) Those are some pretty amazing boots, don't you think?_MG_4084.jpg
I have no idea how this happened, but I'm the best mom ever for taking the photo instead of helping my poor son. _MG_4080.jpg
No worries. David's just fine. See? He's even doing a little dance._MG_4109.jpg
Thank goodness for the pressure washer. _MG_4121.jpg
My boys love the run off, of water, from the pressure washer. They like building dams with rocks and dirt._MG_4116.jpg
The extra fridge and freezer are well used in our household._MG_4115.jpg
All shoes and coats are kept in the garage, since I have taken over the closets in our home for other things. It works incredibly well._MG_4117.jpg
A guy at our church finds random things and brings them to us. Jared built our shoe shelves with some random wood. I actually think some of this wood used to be old closet doors. Yes, Monique, our shoes are out of control. It hardly looks this nice. While we have these nice shelves, the shoes can often be found all over the ground. Ugh!_MG_4118.jpg
I bought this beer bottle opener for Jared for his birthday a few years ago. The caps fall right into the can when they're opened.  It has worked out well since it is located at child height and near the fridge in which we keep our beer. Know what I mean? ;)_MG_4094.jpg
It was a lot of work to clean out the garage. The children needed a break because they were famished._MG_4087.jpg
Scrunchy faced, Anna!cars-2.jpg
Once the garage was cleaned we moved on to the vehicles. Here's the view from the inside looking out.


Adriane said...

You caught his shoe flying off his foot in mid-flight!! Your son, I mean, not Jared. Awesome.

Kellee said...

Your garage fridge is nicer than the one in my kitchen. I may be jealous :)

JAN said...

Adriane, I think David's shoe is actually hooked onto his bike seat or something. Not mid-flight.

Kel, we just received that fridge from some church members that said the door opened on the wrong side, so they bought a new one. It's huge, bigger than the one in our kitchen.

confessionalcook said...

Really? I thought most all refrigerators had the ability to make the door open from either side, with a few quick adaptations.

Kellee said...

Can't you switch which way the door swings on a fridge? Well, don't tell them if you can, they will want their cool fridge back. Think of how much stuff we could shove in there on baking days!

JAN said...

Yes, I think you're supposed to be able to switch the way the door swings, but they had no luck finding the parts and my husband hasn't been able to find the parts either. The store wasn't any help to anyone. Weird, huh?

Esther said...

Love the beer opener. :-)