Tuesday, March 15, 2011


_MG_3686.jpgAnna and I had an outrageously early flight Saturday morning, so we headed to St. Louis on Friday. This is as close as I was going to get to the Arch. We waved.
_MG_3700.jpgWe had more important things to do at Adriane's apartment than tour the city. Besides, the guy I sat next to on the airplane told me there wasn't a whole lot of interesting things to do in St. Louis, compared to Colorado. That was good enough for me. You see, at Adriane's there's a stash of marshmallows. These kids were crazy for marshmallows. You can see it in their faces.
STL.jpgWhat's more fun than throwing marshmallows and having the kids scramble to get them? Turn around boys. Focus and find that marshmallow. It's right behind you.
_MG_3722.jpgOh, maybe I forgot to mention that Adriane lives on the top floor and since we were cooking and the kids were running and jumping around it was hot. Really hot. It was so hot that we actually opened the sliding glass door.
STL1.jpgWe also had big plans to take the kids out for ice cream. That plan was changed when it started pouring down rain outside. We just hung out instead.
STL2.jpgWe had plenty going on here. You'll have to see what we made after the kids went to bed.
STL3.jpgChillin' like villain. :)

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Adriane said...

Holy red cheeks, Jonathan! And look at Anna's face - - you can hear the giggles!