Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Lutheran Stud

This is my Lutheran Stud at one of his finest moments. (See side bar for Lutheran Stud.)_MG_4138.jpg
He wrote this bible study for Lent.
It was published in the March issue of The Lutheran Witness. He was then on Issues, Etc. for his bible study. If you missed out and didn't get a chance to hear it, check it out HERE. Oh, and rumor has it, that next month's TLW is going to be awesome, so if you don't have a subscription yet click HERE. It's been said that my husband is a "Lutheran rock star". I'm just sayin'.


Adriane said...

If by "it's been said" you mean "he totally is," then yes. And I think that means that if Mr. Jan Melius is a rock stars, Mrs. Jared Melius is too! At least, in my world anyway.

Lauren said...

He is awesome. Great dad, great pastor, great husband. And he gives the BEST Christmas gifts ever. :)

DeAnn said...

Gregg had a chance to listen to him on Issues and said it was a great discussion. Now, I need to get my butt in gear and listen to it myself.