Monday, March 28, 2011


Sometimes my husband gets a kick out of making fun of me and my blog. He often mentions that this blog makes our life look perfect. I don't agree. It's far from perfect. Hello! Hasn't he been reading along? Tonight, he took one look at dinner and smirked, "Why don't you put that on your blog?" See? Things are far from perfect around here. Not every meal I make looks fantastic. Here is proof for all of you who think I always cook mouth-watering meals.
While I confess that this may not even look appetizing, it tasted fabulous! Perhaps you're a fan of The Pioneer Woman. I am. Maybe you even have her cookbook. I do. If you have her book then you've probably seen the chicken pot pie recipe. If you have, it's definitely worth making. You also have to use her pie crust recipe. It's the best. I've made a lot of different pie crusts, but this one takes the cake! The flakiness is near perfection. Okay, wait. The pie crust is perfect. In fact, it's called Perfect Pie Crust. In my case I am calling it the perfect patchwork pie crust. At any rate, you really should make this chicken pot pie, or turkey. Whatever. It's one of those comfort food meals that hits the spot. 


Kellee said...

Laura said the same thing about this recipe! She called her pie crust look "rustic" It looks wonderful!

Adriane said...

Tell Jared if he wants to see dinners that aren't perfect, he can kindly refer to the Great Donut Debaucle of 2011!!


Esther said...

I LOVE that recipe. It's one of my favorite comfort foods.

I found your blog through Edie's blog. I'm also a LCMS Lutheran pastor's wife--I'm in NE Wisconsin. Nice to meet ya!

JAN said...

Adriane, Did you actually eat donuts for dinner? I thought that was just a snack. Yikes! The idea of them was good.

Esther, Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting.

naybread said...

I NEED to make this chicken pot pie. I am scared of pie crusts-they're just too crafty :) for me.

JAN said...

DeAnn, your crust can't look any worse than mine. :) Go for it.