Sunday, March 6, 2011

Did You Know?

_MG_3456.jpgI have got the best husband and friends in the entire world and no one can top that. I'm completely serious. Really. Tell me if any of your friends and husband do this: Have a really awesome friend that is talented at writing funny, snarky, and sneaky emails that are effective. Have a husband that gets along really well with your friend and knows that sending your wife out to see her friend would be an unbelievable Christmas gift to you and your friend. See? I told you that you couldn't top what I have. Lauren sent Jared a very sweet email just before Christmas. She was kind enough to share it with me later. See below.

I'm guessing that you haven't bought my Christmas gift yet. No worries. You still have time. And to make it easy on you I'll even tell you what I want so you'll know I will enjoy it. Go here. Book Jan a flight to St. Louis. I'll come pick her up and we'll hang out for a few days, m'kay? I think you promised her once that she could come visit. She can even bring the littlest one who is still free to fly.

Looky there. I just saved you a trip to the mall on Christmas Eve and a drive in the treacherous snow to find me the perfect gift. You can sit behind your desk like a good pastor and click away on your computer.

Merry Christmas,

I flew out to St. Louis for a few days thanks to my Lutheran stud of a husband and uber cool and creative friend that lives in the middle of nowhere.
_MG_3451.jpgAnother thing that I'm pretty sure you don't know about is that the editor of The Lutheran Witness, Adriane Dorr, has a fan club. Yes, that's right. Lauren and I are members. Okay. Maybe we're the only members, but that doesn't matter. The point is, since we're members of the fan club, I feel that we must also play the stalker role. When I arrived in St. Louis, I had to see where Adriane works because I'm a stalker. We hunted her down!
_MG_3453.jpgShe works here at the International Center, in the Board for Communication Services department, which is the headquarters for our synod, The Lutherarn Church Missouri Synod, to be exact. Good luck if you want to join her fan club and stalk her too. You have to have people in order to get in and see her. Lauren and I have people. Our "people" is Adriane. In order to get past the doors in this building you have to have a special badge that unlocks the doors. It's a good thing we have people.
_MG_3452.jpgHave you already forgotten what the old TLW magazine layout looked like because the new one is so much better? Never fear. Adriane keeps them around just in case.
_MG_3445.jpgWe also stuck around for a quick chapel service because we found out that Adriane was playing the organ and that's what fans do. She played the organ flawlessly, at least to my ears. I didn't hear a single mistake and neither did Lauren. It was beautiful, actually._MG_3454.jpg
Just outside of the little chapel is this little museum. We were too busy swooning over The Lutheran Witness editor to really tour the place. If you ever make it there, though, I'd love to hear about it.
_MG_3459.jpgThis little guy, Ollie, is going to marry one of my girls someday. I've already worked it out with his parents. :) Until next time....


Adriane said...

That's such a lovely picture of me. Do I really make that face? Yeesh. My bad.

Kellee said...

It looks so fun already and we aren't even to the sewing part!

Lauren said...

I think that's the face you make when you look at old issues of TLW. It's understandable. We all do it.

Tamara said...

Adriane has even more fan club members here in the Fort. At least three....

Gretchen said...

Hey, I wanna join the Adriane fan club. Can't get into the Purple Palace, though. I'll get her office moved to CPH so I can come bug her when my meetings get boring.

Lauren said...

Gretchen - She has an office at CPH! Tell her when you're going to be in town and maybe she can arrange to be there when your meetings get boring. :)

confessionalcook said...

I second what Jan said about her pastor. He's a pretty good dancer too.