Friday, March 11, 2011

Bite Your Tongue Off and Never Miss It!

_MG_3622.jpgAfter a long morning out in Amish country we were famished. The kids were fantastic, considering we drug them around all over the place.
_MG_3606.jpgThey never complained. Look at how happy they were after such a long morning.
_MG_3609.jpgOllie is such a sweet kid. Look at that face.
_MG_3612.jpgEven Anna did well. She, maybe, tried to play hide and seek a few times, but we found her, and Ollie did an excellent job keeping tabs on her. It was so cute.
_MG_3596.jpgLauren ordered this awesome Hog Trough for herself and the boys.
_MG_3598.jpgAnna and I shared the Pulled Pork Platter with baked beans and hobo potatoes. Mmmm!!!
_MG_3600.jpgPulled pork must be eaten with barbeque. It's just wrong with out it.
_MG_3614.jpgFull bellies equal happy kids!
_MG_3617.jpgThey were such troopers. I'm pretty sure that it was their nap time.
_MG_3618.jpgStop the cuteness!!!


Adriane said...

I am loving this recap of your week in Illinois. You guys were BUSY!

Lauren said...

I'm hungry all over again. That food was awesome. Also, I think there is about a cup of sour cream on my meal. Mmmmm . . .

Laura Melius said...

YUMMM! I picked the wrong time of day to catch up on your blog today!