Friday, March 25, 2011

12 in 12

Remember my 10 in 10 last week? Well, this week I've decided it's too hard to get 10 shots in 10 hours, so I've changed it to 12 shots +1 in 12 hours. It's more fun that way, especially since my kids crack me up and I take too many pictures. :)
Breakfast. Thomas gets a little animated in telling stories, while David likes to pick boogers out of his nose.
Catching up on a little spelling with Thomas._MG_4152.jpg
Trying to get Mt. Zion's website looking a little nicer. I should have Adriane do this. I'm not good with words._MG_4153.jpg
Cookie break. There are always cookies in the house, so you all better come out for a visit._MG_4168.jpg
I LOVE getting packages in the mail. This day, I actually got two!!! _MG_4156.jpg
Rebecca can often be found reading to her siblings. It's a win, win all around, I think._MG_4174.jpg
Awesome shoes! Guess who is wearing these cute shoes? The kids would live outside if the weather cooperated all the time._MG_4177.jpg
I'm a freak when it comes to vacuuming. Sometimes I vacuum twice a day. It makes me think that my house is clean. Jared even makes fun of the straight lines I put into the carpet._MG_4179.jpg
Making dinner? Can you guess what it is? Go HERE to find out._MG_4198.jpg
Elizabeth kind of has a mind of her own after her nap. She likes to grab a piece of paper and pencil and draw, anywhere and everywhere. How about on the coffee table?_MG_4201.jpg
Anna's just so cute I had to stick this photo in there. I think she's eating a plant or something she shouldn't._MG_4208.jpg
Can you see the father/daughter resemblance? Yeah, me too._MG_4212.jpg
Building forts with the couch cushions is a favorite past time around here.

That's it. My 12 in 12 plus one is done. Maybe next week I'll add a shot or two. Until next time.


Lauren said...

I LOVE carpet lines. For some reason I feel as though if there are carpet lines the whole house is clean.

The one of Anna and Jared is adorable. (I bet Jared loves that you posted that.) And I love that you always have cookies in your house. Awesome. I wish I could hear some of Thomas's stories. I love when kids get animated and tell great stories.

Do you not feed David enough and that's why he has to eat his boogers?

And is this church website live? I want to see it. And I bet you could ask A to write for it. It would take her no time to whip out some awesomeness.

Thanks for sharing these, Jan. Love 'em.

JAN said...

I love carpet lines! Jared's the same way, but with our lawn, outside.

I only feed David cookies. He must not think that's enough protein?

Erin said...

I don't have carpet to make carpet lines in! Boo! I love carpet lines, but I love having all hardwood floors more.

Jan, we need a new vacuum. Does your Dyson work well on hard surfaces? We use a shop-vac now, but I would prefer an upright model.

JAN said...

I actually love having tile or hardwood in the high traffic areas of our home and the stairs. I have always hated vacuuming stairs.

To be honest, Erin, I haven't really used our vacuum on the harder surfaces. I guess I just thought it would be easier to sweep those areas. Now, I'll have to give it a try. It does have a bare floor attachment, but I actually think the vacuum itself would do a fine job as long as the spinning action is turned off. The suction is quite strong on this vacuum. I'll let you know how it goes.