Monday, February 21, 2011


Pink Ruffle1.jpgI made another scarf. I've been kind of obessesd with scarves lately. There are so many cute ones out there right now. I love all the frilly, ruffles, so I had to give this a try. I'm actually quite pleased by the way this one turned out.
_MG_2959.jpgFirst off measure and cut a piece of fabric 22" x 104". Some light weight material is best; a chiffon or something similar will work well. This will shrink up. I also have an obessesion with sewing machine feet. I love to use all the different feet that I have. This narrow hem foot is one of my favorites. There's no measuring and ironing involved when sewing the hem. Just stick this foot on and go!
_MG_2964.jpgSee? A perfect hem every time. Hem all sides of your fabric.
_MG_2966.jpgThen you're going to mark lines on your fabric, so you know where to sew. I made three lines down the whole thing. I know the math doesn't work, but guess what? It doesn't have to be perfect. Who's going to notice? You'll be wearing the thing and it'll look great. So just eyeball it if you want. Really. It's okay. I do that a lot. ;)
_MG_3226.jpgNext, take your bobbin and elastic thread. Wrap your elastic thread around your bobbin, not too tight. A normal tension will do.
_MG_3227.jpgThen you're going to stick the bobbin back into your bobbin case. See the screws on the top? Loosen the big screw just a tad. A half a turn should do the trick. Then stick the bobbin case back into your machine.
_MG_2970.jpgNow you're ready to sew! Just sew straight down the lines that you drew. Adjust your stitch length to  be 4mm.
_MG_2968.jpgYour fabric will start to bunch together.
_MG_2969.jpgHow cool is that? I wanted it to bunch up a bit more, so I actually did two rows down each line. The second row is right next to the first. When you're finished, fold the scarf in half, lenghtwise, right sides together, and sew straight down. Your scarf will be like a tube. It works great because then you won't see the sewing on the wrong side.
Pink Ruffle.jpgA fabric store was going out of business just shortly after we moved to Denver. Me? I can't resist a good sale, so I went a checked it out. They had rolls and rolls of all different types of fabric. It was crazy? Just days before closing they started selling the rolls for $2.50. They were good sized rolls too! The rolls carried more fabric on them, than what you would find at your local JoAnn's or Hancocks. I think it was some sort of fabric outlet store. I got a ton of fabric. Now I just need to use it up. This scarf ended up costing just pennies to make, since I have a quite a bit of elastic thread that I inherited. Who needs a craft envelope, right?


Lauren said...

That is stinkin' awesome and I'm fairly certain I need that foot. I love the color too.

Serline said...

Makes me wanna dig out my sewing machine too ;-)

Blondee said...

New follower here! That scarf is sensational!! I love it!

What is the name of that specific foot you are using on the machine?


Hooked On Beauty said...

You look so great! Get in front of the camera more please!!

JAN said...

Blondee, it is a rolled hem foot.

Kellee said...

That is super cute! Now I need a craft envelope because I don't own a rolled hem foot!

JAN said...

Just take it out of the gift envelope. Pretend it's your birthday. :)

Heather said...

Didn't you wear that scarf to the swap party? I kept meaning to tell you how cute it was!

I had no idea about the foot for hemming (I've such a sewing novice, I need to take classes or something), that's awesome - I'll have to pick one up... great tutorial!

JAN said...

Yes Heather! I did wear that scarf to the swap. ;)