Sunday, February 27, 2011

Partners in Crime

_MG_3152.jpgThese two are my babies. They are one year and exactly one week apart. They have a love/hate relationship with each other. I think Elizabeth had a rough time sharing me with Anna, when Anna was first born. Now, Anna, gets a little jealous if I am holding Elizabeth. For the most part they enjoy each other. They will chase each other around the house or twirl in circles together.
_MG_3154.jpgBut, then, Anna thinks they are playing and she tackles Elizabeth to the ground. They are also each other's opposites. I mean just look at them. Anna has those slanty Asian eyes while, Elizabeth has big round ones. Elizabeth is quite careful in her actions. She's a dainty, little lightweight. Anna, is pretty rough. She already outweighs Elizabeth, and loves to steal toys, pinch people, and pull people's hair.

I can only imagine what things will be like for them as they get older. I have a feeling they will be fighting over clothes, because Elizabeth already gets mad if I put something on Anna, that she thinks is hers. I see them causing all sorts of trouble together. They just seem quite mischievous. Look at their faces. They just spell trouble. Whatever happens they are such a hoot to watch right now. Who needs TV when you have this kind of entertainment?

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Serline said...

Tell me about it. My two girls are 13 years apart and the drama between them... if I had any literary talent, I could write a soap opera about it ;-P

Yes, we are living in Bangkok at the moment.