Wednesday, February 16, 2011


_MG_3157.jpgAfter what seemed like the coldest few weeks ever, it looks like things might warm up for a bit. Since we all had a bit of cabin fever going on, the children busted out of the house never to return inside. Yesterday, I went out to check on them and was greeted by David's rear end.
_MG_3158.jpgHe neither noticed, nor cared that his pants had probably fallen down around his ankles, by now. All of my children have absent waist syndrome. We have to purchase adjustable waist pants and even then, sometimes they are still too big in the waist. I certainly miss those carefree days of being a child. Now I just get to enjoy watching with my camera. :)
_MG_3164.jpgI love this kid with all the mud and chocolate chip cookie remnants on his face. He cracks me up!


Lauren said...

These are priceless, Jan. So stinkin' cute.

Adriane said...

Pure, unadulterated happiness!

Mom said...

Has he learned to pee outside yet?

JAN said...

Yes, mom! Remember this?