Friday, February 4, 2011


It has been insanely cold out lately. I can handle this kind of weather for a day or two, but any more than that and it's just too much for me.  I was talking to my dad the other day and he asked me if my ears had frozen off. Yes, he thinks it's that cold out. He might be right though. I think my feet have almost frozen off. Wool socks aren't even helping. I touched Jared with my feet and he yelled at me, "Did you just stick your feet in the deep freezer before you touched me?" See? COLD. The worse part of these negative temperatures is that there isn't ton of snow to go along with it. If it's going to be this cold, why can't there be a ton of snow to accompany this freezing cold weather? My kids want to have something to play with once it warms up. We've got a few inches, but not enough to have to have some fun later.
_MG_2806.jpgSince we've been so cold we have been doing things to try and warm up the house.
_MG_2807.jpgUsing the oven to make cookies helps a little and it keeps the children busy and out of doing mischievous things. :)
_MG_2813.jpgOh, but wait! There is one little one who isn't really interested in making cookies. Anna is just interested in eating. Have I told you about how much she likes to eat?
_MG_2816.jpgNow she's a sneaky one. I was helping the kids when I turned around and caught her red handed, except that I think she had been snacking on this beater earlier.
_MG_2821.jpgGuess what she does when she gets caught with something she isn't supposed to have? She runs. She runs as quickly as she can in the opposite direction of the person who caught her. She one smart cookie. Good thing our house is like a circle and you can cut her off on the other end.
_MG_2822.jpgI finally caught her and made her put the beater back in the dishwasher.
_MG_2823.jpgHmmm....I wonder how long I should wait before grabbing that beater again.
_MG_2829.jpgShe should have just waited for these beauties. They're much better than raw dough.
_MG_2830.jpgMolasses crinkle cookies are starting to become and everyday staple around here. They're in close competition with my chocolate chip cookies.
_MG_2839.jpgCookies are the perfect after nap snack, or after school snack, or anytime snack, really.


Adriane said...

Where were you when my mother was baking Christmas cookies this year? Everything she makes now has figs, nuts, or some other gross old person food in them. You should probably send her this recipe . . .and the one for your chocolate chip cookies.
Also, Mom, if you're reading this, I love you.

Lauren said...

Jan - please turn up the heat in your house to 70 so as to prevent deep freeze hands. Tell Jared to start a "turn the heat up" envelope.

Also, your little cookie monsters are adorable. I love Anna's chubbiness.

JAN said...

Lauren, I would love to see you tell Jared to turn it up to 70. :) That's comical.

Adriane, I will make you all the cookies you want...just move to Denver and be my nanny. :)