Friday, January 7, 2011

White Stuff

Snow1We finally got a decent snowfall last week. Our mild winter has finally turned cold. It was enough for me not to let the kids out of the house. However, you can only keep them in for so long. We had dig to find all of their winter gear. I'm surprised that we even found stuff that fit everyone.
SnowAnna being just one, hasn't really experienced snow before. When she and Elizabeth saw everyone getting ready to go outside they both wanted to go to. For some reason we were missing some boots, so poor Anna has two different boots on and they're even two different sizes. I also don't think she understands why she looks and feels like a big marshmallow. She wasn't too happy about that.
Snow2Elizabeth, on the other hand, was quite excited and enjoyed her time outside. She even tried to throw snowballs.
Snow3We wouldn't want the neighbor's dog to freeze now would we, so Jazzy has her own little coat to keep her warm. :)
Snow4Anna was beginning to have second thoughts on this whole thing and David was trying to comfort her.
BootsOur house is just nuts when you've got six pairs of boots, snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves everywhere! Yikes!
GlovesI did figure out a way to dry all those gloves and hats. I took the clothes hanger from our clothesline and brought it inside. Guess where Jared decided to hang it? :)


Lauren said...

Is he hanging it off a light fixture or something? It does seem right in the way of everything and everyone. :)

Lauren said...

I could have sworn that picture of Elizabeth was David. Whoa.

JAN said...

Yes, Lauren. You're right It's on the chandelier in our dining room without a table. And when Elizabeth saw those pictures she also called herself David. :)