Friday, January 28, 2011


20110120_0107_Seattle_2011.jpgThough our time in Seattle was short, it seems like we did a lot of eating and visiting and more eating and visiting. We didn't eat as much Thai food as I would have liked, but that's okay. Maybe next time.
We also drank plenty of this. My brother works for a winery so there is no shortage of wine around here.
20110120_0121_Seattle_2011.jpgThen as cousins were getting ready to leave we had to get a group photo. It seems that I have failed my nickname Camera Jan. I didn't have my camra out as much as I would have liked. That might have something to do with Camera Yei. She had two cameras out the whole time we were there. It really must be an Asian thing that I acquired from my mother. :)
20110120_0140_Seattle_2011.jpgThe old farts even got the chance to visit and babysit some kids while were there. Retirement seems to be treating my dad well.
20110120_0116_Seattle_2011.jpgHere Yei (as my children call her) is sorting through some Thai worksheets. Just because we leave Denver doesn't mean we can't have school on the road. Rebecca is learning not only to speak Thai, but how to write it as well. I never learned to really read and write in Thai until I was in college and took a Thai class. By then it was too late for me. I don't remember a single thing.
20110120_0152_Seattle_2011.jpgMy dad is retired now, so he gets to oversee all things going on in this house. He's making sure that Rebecca is writing properly. ;) Cousin Jyll is interested in all this Thai stuff too although she is already quite fluent as that is what they speak at home. Isn't she adorable? Have you have seen a little Thai girl with curly hair? I'm so jealous. I always wanted curly hair.
IMG_4465_Seattle_2011.jpgThen more people arrived and we ate some more!
20110120_0143_Seattle_2011.jpgIn an Asian household the kids table doesn't have to be just for kids. It's for everyone. :)
IMG_4464_Seattle_2011.jpgThis is Nicki, my sister in law and her dad, Mike. Mike came over the mountains to visit for a bit. Nicki works for one of the famous Gene Juarez salons in Seattle. This is THE place to go to get pampered, have your nails done, and get your haircut. I just had my haircut there and it was one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. Check it out if you're in the Seattle area. Even though Nicki is still holding a grudge against me from when she was twelve I still love her and she'll take great care of you at her salon. Just don't tell her I sent you. ;)
Then after dinner, we ate some more because Anna is just not fat enough! The girl loves anything you put in front of her. I'm not joking. She can even be found eating crayons, but this particular evening she was feasting on some ice cream in a root beer float. It seems whenever we have family gatherings they revolve around chatting and food. I have to say those are some great priorities to have.

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