Monday, January 31, 2011

Let's Party!

DadInvite copyWhen my dad was a young boy he attended boarding school. When he got older he left Thailand and went to school at Shoreline Community College in Seattle. He then, went on to get an engineering degree from the University of Washington. Shortly after he graduated he received a job from King County.  At the end of 2010, my dad finished 34 years of service for their department of transportation.

IMG_4597_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgWoohoo! Now it's time to celebrate. We threw my dad party! My parents and a few neighbors have lived in their homes forever. My parents have been in their house since I was born. Now, it seems, they are all retiring together. I think it will turn into a gardening community. That's what you do when you retire right? Garden?

20110121_0091_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgYei and the girls, Jyll, and Rebecca!
20110121_0089_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgThe kids had their fair share of goodies!
IMG_4593_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgGood friends always make celebrating more fun!
IMG_4612_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgMy mom had her camera out the whole entire time. That is why I didn't get many shots and most of these photos are from her. These two cute cousins are two days apart. Can you tell?

IMG_4669_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgMy brother, Jay and Joey. Joey drove up from Portland and he's just like another brother to me.

My cousins Aprichart and Ching. Their daughter is that cute, little Jyll with curly hair.

IMG_4633_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgEven Robin, my old college roommate made her way over for a quick visit. Yay!
20110121_0097-Edit_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgAnd of course we always have to get a family photo whenever we get together. It's insane, but we always do it.

There you have it. Our quick little trip to Seattle. My dad is retired now. He wakes up every morning, picks up his newspaper, and heads out to McDonald's for their senior coffee. Whatever he does the rest of the day is up to him. He's pretty open and he loves it. Congratulations dad! You can check out some more photos HERE from our trip! Until next time...


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Congratulations to your dad!!!

My dad retired 2 years ago and is busier than ever.. but busy with things he LOVES to do. :)

JAN said...

I have a feeling that my dad will have no problem keeping himself busy. :)

Susan Switzer said...

Hi Jan! My sister-in-law (Susan Switzer Abrahamsen) sent me your blog because she had seen your photo of mom and Lynn in it. I didn't know you had known her in high school! Great photos! You have a beautiful family! Glad you got to come home to help your dad celebrate. He was so cute when he told us in the fall that he had turned in his retirement. We are already seeing him in the garden more!

Susan Sprague Switzer

JAN said...

Susan, we had a lovely time catching up with your mom and Lynn. It was so fun to visit with them. I am sure you will be seeing my dad around a lot more. :)