Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let the Madness Begin

Floats1We arrived in Seattle on a wet, drizzly, rainy day.  Why would I think that it would be any other way? I guess I was sort of hoping for a little sun. There was plenty of sun this summer. This winter? Not so much. It was such a dark, drizzly day that I actually took a nap without even trying. I never take naps. I usually can't get myself to take a nap.This day, however, was definitely a nap day. No offense Seattle, but I think I'll stick to sunny Colorado. I like my sun. So, anyway, I didn't even pull out my camera the first day we were there. I mom had hers though. I should get those photos from her.
FloatsOur next day in Seattle was when all the madness began. Jared's entire family came over from Yakima. Then my brother came over and we all went out to dinner. It was nuts! We pretty much took over the entire restaurant and they were so accomadating and gracious towards us. I hope we left them big tip. I am sure we left a huge mess.
Floats5Someone mentioned ice cream. There was a Coldstone right next door, but that's not a place to take a hundred children.
Floats2Dustin and Nikara kindly stopped by the grocery store to pick up ice cream and root beer for floats.
Floats4The big table wasn't big enough for everyone so parents pulled out their mini table.
Floats3Kids always love things that are their size...or a little smaller.

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Lauren said...

The mini table is awesome! I love it. I like the pictures in black and white.