Saturday, January 29, 2011


We threw my dad a retirement party. It was crazy fun! When you have a lot of people over it's nice to provide something for them to eat. My mom requested that I make cupcakes. She wanted these red velvet cupcakes. Remember the last time I made these? I said I'd make some changes if I made them again. Well, what I didn't realize in the madness of making them last time was that I doubled the amount of flour I used, thus making them really thick and they tasted like flour. This time I made them the right way and they were perfect! Seriously. They were immaculate. Look at them. They had the perfect shape and they were super moist inside. In conclusion if you make these cupcakes follow the recipe and don't change anything. There. :)
20110121_0041_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgThese strawberry cupcakes are always a winner. Everyone loves strawberries.
20110121_0038_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgThat cream cheese frosting is just amazing! Seriously you must make these cupcakes. You won't be disappointed.
We had big cupcake and little cupcakes.
20110121_0052_Seattle_2011_Food.jpgAnd Kellee was kind enough to send out some cookies. Thank you Kel! We also had some bacon wrapped smokies, chicken, and sticky rice. You all missed out!
Did I mention that my brother works at a winery? He provided some top notch beverages and everyone was happy. The end. Oh, wait. The party. You'll have to wait until next time. I am still collecting photos from that.

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