Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bring It!

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you have probably seen similar photos to these. To make a long story short, after giving birth seven times my stomach has gotten slightly jiggly and I've just been wanting to tone it up a bit. I was talking to a friend about this and then received this Ab Ripper X DVD. "This isn't ab ripper 100 or 200. This is ab ripper 339." That means it's intense. It's extremely agonizing. On Christmas day we began this ab ripping workout barely able to get through the first few exercises.  Did I mention that this workout is only 15 minutes long? Yes, it's excurciating!
We've been doing this workout every other day since, so when we took off to Washington we didn't want to ruin the wonderful routine we had going. We even challenged a few others to the workout with us. Dustin joined in while Nikara took some snaps. She's pregnant, so she wasn't about to participate in such nonsense.
My kids' abs are seriously going to be ripped. Start 'em young is how I see it.
"I hate it, but I love it!"
"They're working hard. I know you are."
"Just when you thought it was beautiful enough."
"If you need a break, take a break!" After watching and working out every other day for a month you'll have the video memorized. You'll may even be able to get through the entire workout with out taking a break, but you'll definitely feel the burn. That's why you'll "hate it," but you'll also "love it!"


Lauren said...

I'll trade your seven baby jiggly abs for my two baby jiggly abs. Seriously.

JAN said...

Zip it!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

those pics are a hoot! so have you noticed results? because i don't wanna exercise for nothin' y'know.

JAN said...

We started at Christmas and I can kind of see results. We only do this workout every other day or so. I finally made it through the whole thing without taking a break the other day. It's pretty intense.