Friday, December 31, 2010

How Last Minute Can You Get?

Gonzales3Tina called me awhile back to photograph her family. I told her, "No problem. Just let me know when."  Well after much talking, name calling, texting, and phone calls we finally got together.
Tina1I told her I didn't do photos inside. She didn't listen. To make it worse she wanted to have them taken at our church in front of the Christmas tree.
SueOur church has horrible lighting, so I made not guarantees.
Tedi2To make things even better there is this ugly paneling on the a-frame ceiling. I should have said "no" but I'm a sucker for helping people out. And I think the photos turned out pretty well considering... :) So there you have it, a tiny little peek into our church during the Christmas season.

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