Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Pumpkin1It just so happens that Reformation and Halloween fall on the exact same day. So after a fabulous (so I hear)  joint Reformation service with Mt. Zion, Mt. Calvary, Hope, and Emmaus Lutheran Churches all the pastors and their lovely families headed to our house to party!HalloweenHere we go. Getting 14 13 children in costumes was quite chaotic. No. It was nuts. It was crazy, wild, and out of control.Halloween2Then someone had the bright idea of taking pictures. How crazy is that?Halloween4Yes. It’s me. The crazy person is me! Halloween5These kids are so cute that one must take pictures. Do you agree?  Halloween11 Off they all went for an evening of candy collecting.Halloween12Here’s the loot when they returned. Let the trading and eating begin.  Halloween9

Thank you Wolfmueller family for bringing your wonderful pumpkins over to share with us. We never got around to carving pumpkins this year. :(  You can check out the rest of the Halloween pictures HERE.

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Heather said...

Um, that pumpkin is AWESOME.