Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Day!


Here’s a little peek into our Thanksgiving! It began with some really amazing appetizers. These bacon wrapped little smokies were a cinch to make and they were a huge hit.

T1 T2

There was also a fiesta cheescake and phyllo wrapped brie and jam. Yum!!T3 T4 

We didn’t have any complaining guests. We had great company!

T7My master turkey carver always dreamed of being a surgeon, so we stay out of his way while he’s carving. Look the turkey is still steaming hot after an hour out of the oven.T9T8 T11 T10

The company was great and the conversation was infectious. Can you tell?T12 T6T5T13T15 T14  T16 We even had some drop in guests. I love that!T17

You can’t have a large, wonderful meal without dessert. We were spoiled with an assortment of pies! That wasn’t the end of out Thanksgiving so you’ll have to stay tuned for more to come….


Lauren said...

Wow, Jan. What was your total count? I think it's wonderful that you entertain and do so on such a huge scale. Also, is the kids' table new? Because I love it and would want to sit there with them.

JAN said...

Including babies and kids there were 22. Then we had 3 more for dessert. It was so fun!

Yes! That's the kids' new school table that we moved into the kitchen just for Thanksgiving. :) I've saved you guys a spot for next year!