Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food Network Magazine Club Part 2

FNM30  The Food Network Magazine Club party continues.FNM6 You can’t have an amazing party without some of the cutest kids on earth in attendance!
FNMWe had three chefs, two cupcakes, a 50’s waitress, an 8o’s girl, a clown, fairy princess, and Superman all ready to run around like crazy, eat lots of awesome food, and go nuts! They had a blast and so did we, watching them all.  FNM9 Priscilla and Anna even got cute little place settings. I love it! They had mini goldfish for snack.FNM12No party would be complete without cupcakes and brownie pops! FNM14The kids all got eyeballs in their drinks! Tasty! They thought it was pretty cool.FNM15  Spider dogs, mini carrots, olives, macaroni, and candy corn were on the kids menu.FNM22You can’t go wrong with a menu like that. The kids loved their food!FNM19I think Adriane wanted to sit at the little kids’ table more than the adult table.FNM27 Cheers!FNM40They all gobbled up their food pretty quickly because dessert was sitting right in front of them.FNM39There was even a game of Bingo going on. The party never ends! FNM29  Arts and crafts always win my kids over!FNM50
David found some pretty cool glasses. Is he Clark Kent or Superman? Who knows?
Thank you so much to Laura for hosting this fabulous event and taking on a ton of wild kids! We all had a blast and look forward to the next Food Network Magazine Club party. :) You can check out the rest of the photos HERE. Check back later for the recipes of all the dishes we made. Until next time…

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Hooked On Beauty said...

Love this idea. Much better than a book club!!