Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beaver Run Resort

 Rainbow1The Beaver Run Resort is huge! There are four buildings to this place. When we come here I feel like the conference center is taken over by Lutherans. Well, it is taken over by Lutherans. What am I saying? I can’t even tell you how many people come every year, but it’s all pastors, teachers, church workers and their families. They come from all over the Rocky Mountain District which includes Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and part of Nebraska. Technically this conference is a requirement for all church workers to attend in our district.Room5 All the good stuff happens in this conference center. The first time we came here things were incredibly nerve racking. I had to take the map of the place everywhere I went. The buildings are all connected by walkways however, they aren’t necessarily stroller friendly. I forgot about that this year when I tried to get from the conference center to our building which you don’t see because that is where I am taking all of these photos. It’s much easier to just go outside and walk over to the main building.Room1So here is our room. This is the view from the door when you first open it.ROom3This is the main living area where we spent most of our time. Pretty decent space, huh?Room4The dining room table was even a good size for our family. You can see the door labeled there for a bedroom and a bathroom. It’s actually it’s own room, but it’s included when you reserve the two bedroom suite. I forgot to get pictures of that room. Jared, Anna, and I stayed there. They even provided two cribs for us at no extra charge.Room  Since we are here for three nights I usually plan out all of our meals and we bring all the food with us. It would get way too expensive to eat out for every meal, especially with the size of our family. I usually try and plan crockpot meals because they are super easy. I just start preparing them after lunch and it cooks for the rest of the day, so if we have other plans I don’t have to worry about making it back to our room to cook. Behind the kitchen is a hallway that leads back to a tub room which you can see below, another full bathroom and a bedroom where the rest of our kids slept. That’s right. We had five kids sharing one room. They had a great time pretending they were having a sleepover. I guess they didn’t have to pretend since that’s actually what they were doing.Room2    This room was just this tub. The kids played in it and came up with all sorts of ideas for what to do with this room. At one point it was even a slide. That pretty much sums up the room tour. I guess I forgot photos of the bedrooms. The little kids were taking naps when I snapped these shots. Maybe next time.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh wow, talk about spacious! it's so nice to have a kitchen and separate bedroom when you're traveling with kids.