Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Anna!

Anna AnnounceYou were born just before my doctor was going to go perform a surgery on someone else.  What great timing.Baptism6aYou father had the honor of baptizing you in Christ Jesus four days later.1Anna You make the funniest expressions on your face.1Anna1 You love to flash your adorable smile to anyone who smiles at you.1Anna2 We could never get you to suck on a binky because you thought sucking on your bottom lip was more soothing.1Anna3 Anna, you are as cute today as the day you were born.  We love you!!  Happy Birthday!
(Happy Birthday to you too Lauren!)


Brenda said...

I adore your birthday posts :) Your family is so beautiful. Wish you lived closer so we could know all your kids better (and see you guys, too!). Miss you!

Laura Melius said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! (And belated birthday wishes to Elizabeth!)

Lauren said...

Anna - you have such a sweet, chubby face I just want to reach out and smooch you! Happy birthday, cutie pie. It's really the best day for a birthday, isn't it?