Monday, August 30, 2010

Frontier Days

BarebackA couple ladies from church wanted to dress me up as a cowgirl. You don’t get dressed up as cowgirls with nowhere to go, so we headed to the rodeo.  The big one.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Cheyenne Frontier Days.  Sound familiar?    Bareback2 We were running a little late since we had church that morning.  We arrived just in time for the bareback riding.Bareback3 Being from the city, this is something I have never seen before.Bareback4 I was completely mesmerized.  It looked a little similar to bull riding, which we got to see as well, but then again it was different.Bareback5 Look at that strength and that form.  It’s incredible.  I’m talking about the horse.Bareback6Although those chaps aren’t bad either.  We had a fantastic time at the rodeo, so much so that you are going to get the whole experience in some upcoming posts.  But for now here’s a little video to get you ready for what’s to come!  Enjoy.


Franziska said...

How wonderful that you enjoyed animal cruelty - you do know that these poor horses have their testicles bound and experience terrible pain which is why they are bucking?

Lauren said...

That looks awesome, Jan, but please tell me you're going to post pictures of you as a cowgirl. This I have to see. :)

JAN said...

Franziska, I'm surprised that you thought that it was so wonderful that we enjoyed the rodeo. I feel as though you are some what against it. You must not have pets in your home or you must be a vegetarian, or animal rights activist, eh? Since, I've never met you, I guess that is all I can assume.

Lauren, sadly, I do not have photos of me or even anyone else dressed up as a cowgirl. :) I do have the whole outfit though, so maybe I will have to wear sometime and get a pic for you. The ladies went all out all in dressing me up, except the hat. I must get one of those still.