Friday, July 2, 2010

Rural South Dakota

1SDWe made it.  We’re in South Dakota for a family reunion.  We have absolutely NO cell phone service here and have limited internet connectivity.  The house we are staying in has no internet, but we are able to pick up wifi here and there.   1SD1 Good luck getting a hold of us.  This is where we are and I don’t see any cell phone towers in sight.  :)

SheepI told Rebecca to help Morgan with her chores.  They don’t walk their dogs around here.Sheep1  They walk their sheep.  Now Rebecca wants to get a pet sheep.  Ryan, Jared’s cousin said he could load one up for us!

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Ewe said...

You're getting a taste of where I live ALL the time! I don't own a cell phone or a laptop or many of the other electronics that were necessities for your trip because there is no service where I live. There are people that still use maps to get where they need to get and we do just fine! And our boys don't know that you can get DVD players for the car and they do fine on long trips without them. I bet you will have a great July 4 celebration there though. I wish I had time to run over to SD and visit you-we have a busy weekend planned though.