Friday, July 23, 2010


House  We were very fortunate to be able to have a  big house to ourselves for the time that we were in South Dakota.  Thanks to Nikki and family for letting us stay there.  It worked out quite well.  This is the view across the street from the house.  Notice the park and playground just steps away.House2

The kids wanted to go play there as soon as they saw it.  We said that was fine.  Jared just said, “Watch out for tractors,” and we let them go.  They never made it over there. Thomas came back and said, “There’s smoky, brown stuff that keeps blowing in my face.”  I had to set him straight. “It’s dust, Thomas.  It comes from the dirt on the ground.” 

The other cool thing in this house were the telephones.  Really. Our kids saw these phones in almost every room of the house.  When they picked up the phones, while in different rooms, they realized that they could talk to each other.  The phones were kind of like walkie talkies. We don’t have a land line in our house and when we did it was just two cordless phones, so our kids have never seen a phone that isn’t mobile.

You know your kids are from the city when…

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