Friday, July 30, 2010

Pacific Science Center

Beware: This is a really long post!Pac23
One of the days that we were in Seattle my mom stayed with the three babies,Elizabeth, Anna, and my niece Lola, while the rest of us headed downtown again.
Pac Our first stop was the Pacific Science Center.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve been here.  This is a place that you could spend days inside and never see the end.  I would suggest a membership of some sort because it’s definitely worth it.  David and my nephew Kai are playing chess.  They look like they know what they’re doing don’t they?
Pac1 Pac2 
I’ve seen these water things all over the place.  My kids seem to flock to them and they are incredibly fun when you figure out how to aim them just right!Pac4
Lunch time.  We were so close…
That’s the solar system with a bunch of people in front of it.
We learned all about heads of insects.  It was pretty interesting. Pac7 Pac8 
The kids got to pretend to be insects too!
Bees are always interesting. Pac14

After reading about them it kind makes me want to be a bee keeper…or not.

Chillin’ cousins.

Guess what they’re looking at?

    Blue scorpions!!
The science center also had a butterfly area.  It was sort of similar to the one here in Denver, but tons smaller and not as many butterflies.  Good try, though.
 Pac16 Pac17
Insect puzzles always keep the mind moving.Pac18
Teamwork is always a great thing.
Ever wonder how a zipper works?  Check out this massive zipper and you can figure it out. Pac20 Pac21
There was a whole circus section that gave secrets to stunts and tricks that you see at the circus.  David wanted to try the box out.  Easy peasy for him.  Now I’d like to see an adult try it.
Dinosaurs are always a favorite!  I don’t know what the fascination is but the kids loved it.
Here is a little video I took.  WARNING: Videography is not my thing, so enjoy it anyway.  :)

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