Friday, July 16, 2010

Mariners vs. Yankees

We interrupt the photos from the family reunion for short little commercial break.  :)  We are currently hanging out in Seattle with more family.  I have so many reunion photos to go through that I thought this would be fun little break!Mariners21 Last Saturday night I got together with some old friends.  I was able to get some Mariners tickets.  (Thanks Leon!)Mariners1  Seattle traffic is always unpredictable, so we decided to leave a little early. That turned out okay because directly across from the stadium is this nice little brewery.MarinersBefore the game they blast some really loud music and serve beer and wine.  The beer is definitely cheaper than at the game.  Maybe that’s why it’s so crowded before a game.Mariners2I’ve known these awesome ladies since high school.  We haven’t changed or aged one bit.  Mariners4We made it to the game and had great seats right behind home plate. Mariners5 Karen and Crystal.  They’ve gone to school together forever; since elementary school.  I went to Camp Casey with them in 5th grade only I didn’t know it or them at the time.  Crazy,huh?Mariners6Amber and met when we played all stars together.  It was a travelling summer for us and we’ve been friends ever since. Man, that makes me want to dig up some old photos…. Mariners7
Here is the Yankees dugout.  Crystal is a big fan. I didn’t really know who to root for since, in our house, we’re Rockies fans!  Either way it was a great game!
Mariners8 Mariners9 
I used to have a huge crush on A-Rod back in high school.  That ship has sailed and I’m over it now.  He’s kind of a slime ball now although still a great ball player.  I had to get a few snaps of him for old time’s sake.Mariners11

The Mariners were trailing most of the game until…

they hit a GRAND SLAM to pull ahead.

And that’s pretty much how the game went.

         Jeter didn’t play in the game, but was brought in at the end.  I think they were hoping he bring the Yankees back.

  It didn’t help.

  The Mariners held on to their lead and won the game!  Way to go Mariners.

After the game we decided that sitting in traffic wouldn’t be that fun, so we went back over to Pyramid Ale for a later dinner.

  It was the perfect end to a great evening.
Thanks ladies for such a great evening.  We should do it more often.  Maybe in Denver next time? 

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