Saturday, July 3, 2010


Fish We’re in South Dakota and though it’s land locked we managed to find a little lake and took the kids fishing.Fish1 David was pretty excited.  Can you tell?Fish2 Addison was too!  She was jumping around like a little bunny.  She and Thomas are the same age.Fish3 Waiting for fish.Fish4This is Peyton.  She and Jonathan would be 10 days apart.


This fishing stuff is hard work.  The standing and waiting that is.Fish8

  That’s Jared’s cousin Ryan, with Spencer, on the right and his wife Nikki on the left.


I don’t think David is going to have much luck fishing like this.


  This is Morgan.  She and Rebecca are two days apart.


Everyone is beginning to wonder where all the fish are hiding.Fish12

The boys are trying to figure out this fishing thing on their own.  We’ll see how that works out.

Fish13 How about a paddle boat ride instead?Fish14Rachel is no risk taker. She’s more of the watching and observing type. Fish15

How many kids can you fit into one paddle boat?

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