Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After the parade we headed over to Ryan and Nikki’s for a cousins get together.  It wouldn’t be a party without the margaritas.  And what better way to serve them up than in a weed sprayer!
Here are the sheep again.  I know.  I’m getting a little obsessed with them aren’t I?  The kids and sheep needed the exercise before supper.
We did a lot of visiting and drinking.  Margaritas were quite accessible.
It was the perfect evening to eat outside.
It was just a beautiful day out all around.  The wind had died down and the mosquitoes weren’t too bad…yet.
There was plenty of things to keep the kids occupied.  They had a blast! I think Thomas could have ridden this trike the entire evening.  Then we kind of started a volleyball game. It was more like three little girls on one side and…
Jared and John on the other.

Check out some more photos from that evening by clicking on the album below.


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