Friday, July 23, 2010

Cooling Down?

Slip We left South Dakota and headed west to blazing hot Yakima.  That’s in Washington for you non geography people.Slip1 When it’s extremely hot outside the best thing to do is play in the water. When you’ve got this many kids a small store bought slip n’ slide just won’t do.  It’s best to just go big. Slip2 Find the biggest tarp that you can find.  Then add a tripod sprinkler to it.  To make it really slippery add some dish soap or a little Pam nonstick spray.  It works like a charm.Slip3Huge sheet of fun! Slip4 The kids even tried to throw Oliver down the slide.  Poor dog.  He had it coming though.Slip5 Look at those smooth moves.Slip6 Jared couldn’t take it any longer.  He had to have his turn too!  Look out.  Get out of the way.Slip7 Then it started to become a group slide.  How many people can go down at the same time?Slip8 Then the wrestling matches started.Slip9 And we got to meet our newest little nephew. Isn’t that just the cutest little face ever?  More on him later.  We got to celebrate his first birthday with him!!

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