Sunday, July 25, 2010


Aqua After dropping Jared off at the airport we headed downtown…to the waterfront to be exact!aqua1My parents purchased Seattle City Passes for us all and we played tourist for a week.  If you have school aged kids and you’re going to be in town for awhile I highly recommend these passes.  We had a blast using them!Aqua3 Our first stop was the Seattle Aquarium.Aqua4This place was pretty neat.  There was a lot to see and learn.  Aqua6 However, we had the most fun just looking at all the beautiful colorful fish.Aqua7The set up of the aquarium was pretty neat.  It was cave like.
 Aqua8 Aqua5
There was more than just fish.  We also saw jelly fish, a huge octopus, birds, and other sea life.
I think the kids really want an aquarium after seeing all the cool fish.Aqua10

  Can you find Nemo?

  This is the view looking up at the ceiling. 

   It was great for the little kids too.  They could see the fish at their level.  Elizabeth was so fascinated by it all.

This was a neat area because you almost felt like you were in a dome fish tank and the fish were looking in on you.

Hanging out in front of the big wall of fish.
This was a huge, massive wall of fish.  We were just in awe looking at it.  Check back for our next Seattle outing.
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