Thursday, July 22, 2010

4th of July

We are currently on the road wrapping up our vacation.  What better time than now to start blogging again.  We’ve had such a long vacation that once it all makes it to my blog you will be tired from our vacation.  :)Fireworks2    We spent the 4th of July in South Dakota.  After some nap time we made our way back to Orin and Phylis’s house.  Sam and Elizabeth seemed to have a love/hate relationship.  Some times they liked each other and other times they wanted nothing to do with each other.Fireworks6Anna found Sam to be quite amusing and entertaining.  Who wouldn’t?  Look at that little face. Fireworks7 Once Claire warmed up to the mobs of people all weekend, she loved hanging out with the older girls.   Fireworks12Fireworks13
Snappets were a huge hit with the kids.4thcollage1 It kept them busy for maybe ten minutes.    Fireworks17Okay, no, they lasted a little longer.Fireworks14 They made it well into the evening. Fireworks22There were plenty of fireworks to go around.Fireworks19Reno pretty much took care of most of the pyrotechnics. Fireworks20The kids oohed and ahhed over them.  Fireworks23 As evening set in and snappets were gone, sparklers came out.4thCollage The kids had a blast with the sparklers!  Fireworks25         There’s no better way to light sparklers than with a blow torch.  It was perfect.Fireworks34Then we waited.  There was supposed to be a big show in town.Fireworks26We lit more sparklers.  I think we had about 72 of them. Fireworks35 Then we had our own little show.Fireworks36 Then the big show started.  It was so pretty!Fireworks37Our trip to South Dakota went out with a big bang…literally!  It was a great time and now we’re off to Washington.  So until next time…

Check out the rest of our 4th of July photos by clicking on the album!

4th of July 2010

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