Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Sundays

SunTechnically it’s not quite summer yet.  However, when the temperature is over 90 degrees outside it sure feels a lot like summer. Colorado is an odd place when it comes to the weather.  One day it can be snowing outside and the very next day we can get up to 80 degrees.  It’s good fun when you’re trying to plan something.  Sun1  Since our Sundays have been beautiful out for the last few weeks, we’ll just pretend that it’s summer now.  On a sunny, Sunday afternoon our block is the place to be.Sun3After living in our neighborhood for awhile we have come to find out that our street is pretty hopping.  Not just in a good way though.  People use our street to cut through the neighborhood, so we get a lot of vehicles driving faster than they should be on our street.  As you can see there are a ton of little kids that live on our street. Sun4So with all of these beautiful children we parents have begun hanging out as well.  We just hang out on the lawn chatting, playing, flagging down fast cars, and watching our kids.SUn5  Anna’s quite portable in her saucer.Sun7 The kids were playing “circus” on this particular day.Sun8 Elizabeth just does her own thing.  She wanted to play some ball, so she picked up a bat.Sun9 We adults get to play around too.  We like to pretend that we’re still young enough to be ball players.  Then we throw our arms out and feel it the next day.Sun10 David just likes to ride his tricycle all over the place.  It’s pretty cute!Sun11Who wouldn’t want to be like Elizabeth?  She’s so adorable.  She didn’t know she had a copycat next to her.  If she did know, she would have freaked out and ran away. Sun12 We tried to invite some other neighbors to join us, but got rejected.  That’s okay.  Our self esteem will survive. See? Just give us some beer and we’re good.Sun13 This is what happens when the kids leave their bikes unattended.Sun14   Beware kids, beware.  When we tell you to put your bikes away we mean it!Sun17Anna’s into carrots right now.  I think she’s teething right now.Sun16

Cheesecake is the perfect end to a beautiful evening.  Okay, it was more like 10:30pm when we went in, but who’s watching the clock.  If you’re ever in our neighborhood drop on by and join us.

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