Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rachel’s Birthday


Rachel requested butterfly cupcakes for her birthday, so that’s what she got!  I used candy melts to make the butterflies.  They were pretty fun to make.  Oh, she also wanted cherries on some of them.  She has a thing for maraschino cherries.RBday1

The blue butterflies were her favorite.  She said she didn’t really like the pink ones because pink is not her favorite color.  Her favorite colors are purple and blue.  I wasn’t going to try and make purple butterflies, so she had to settle for blue and pink. 

RBday3See Jared’s tongue?  It runs in the family.  Our kids do that too, if you remember.  It takes a lot of concentration to light those candles.RBday2Rachel was pretty excited for these cupcakes after waiting all day for them.  RBday4She tried to blow them all out in one puff, but didn’t quite make it. Rbday5I actually got some pretty wrapping paper instead of just using newspaper like last year.  :) RBday6Our kids have been into looking for bugs outside, so I thought this would be a great tool to find those tiny bugs. RBday7She’s pretty excited to “grow” some butterflies. RBday8 Looks like she made out like a bandit!  Happy birthday Rachel!


Brenda said...

I love the cupcakes...so talented :)

Okay, so I have to know where you found the 'triplets' dolls...I know some girls who may need that down the road :)

Are you guys going to be coming up anytime this summer? we'd love to see you.

JAN said...

Thanks! My mom got those triplet dolls from Costco. Check there. i am sure by the time your girls are old enough for them all of our pieces will be lost. :)

I will be in Seattle with kids July 8-18. We should definitely get together.

Lauren said...

We just got done "growing" butterflies and it was a huge hit. She'll love it. Happy birthday, Rachel!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Those cupcakes are gorgeous! The cherries really top it off nicely.