Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Jared and I have been on quite a few road trips with kids that I’ve learned a thing or two about making things a little easier for everyone.Packing When it comes to packing up six children and myself I have found that it’s easiest to gather as much as you can into one area.Packing1 With the little kids Ziploc bags are my best friend.  I make up several outfits for each child.  Packing2 Then I label each bag with a name.Packing3 That way if I’m not around to dress my kids, Jared or whoever my kids happen to be with can grab a bag and the outfit is already there.  Easy peasy right?  Try it next time.  It will make your life much easier. 


Lucy said...

We just returned from a huge trip to Texas and MAN do I wish I had known about your trick for keeping kids' outfits separate! With only four, I can see your genius-ness already! Thanks for the tip!

Hooked On Beauty said...

You have to get these;


They store a bunch of stuff inside them and you roll the air out so they collapse down and save a ton of space. I don't know how I traveled without them!

JAN said...

CP, we used to have those bags. I don't know where they went. I used to love them.