Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden of the Gods

GOG We took a little trip to Garden of the Gods on our anniversary as well.  This is what you see as you drive up.  See the red rocks?  That’s it.GOG13We got to walk around a little park with massive big red rocks.  Cool, huh?  You just don’t see awesome big rocks everyday.GOG1 As we got closer we heard voices.  No, they weren’t dead people.GOG2 They were rock climbers.  Now can you go back to the photo above and see them way up there?GOG3

And look!  That guy isn’t wearing any shoes.  I would have to say that is was almost 90 degrees out.  I don’t think those rocks were cold or anything.GOG4 So after we saw those rock climbers Jared decided to start some rock climbing.  Whew!  It’s tough, but somebody’s got to do it.GOG14Then we walked around the park and admired how massive and flat they were.  GOG7Then we headed over to the visitor center where we learned the history of this place.  It was donated to the city as long as it remained “forever free.”  So if you’re ever in the area check it out.  There are some great little walking trails and rocks to climb. Overall it’s a pretty neat place to hangout.

GOG6Here’s the view of Garden of the Gods from across the street at the visitor center.  Beautiful isn’t it?  See the little red rocks that sort stand out?  That’s where the rock climbers were, I think.

GOG8Practicing my sun flare! GOG9 The view was just gorgeous and the weather was starting to cool down, so we just hung out…until they almost kicked us out.GOG11The flowers were so pretty as well, so I had to stick this in there.  :)GOG10On our way back to our hotel we cut back through the park as the sun was going down. GOG12 Such a fun and beautiful place.  We might have to bring the kids back sometime.


Brenda said...

Right away I wanted to climb there...then I saw the climbers and now I really want to climb! The guy with no shoes has them clipped on his harness. They really hurt the feet so if you're hanging out for too long you may want to take them off. The rocks would still be hot, though! Keep the blog posts coming as you head cross country! Hope to see you soon.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am still amazed that people climb sheer cliffs just for the fun of it! Yikes. Totally freaks me out.

Great job on the sun flare! I'm still working on that myself. Too bad it's always cloudy and rainy when I think about it (like today).