Wednesday, June 2, 2010

9 Months

9Anna8Anna is nine months today.9Anna9She is easily amused although she does become bored quickly.9AnnaLook at the storage on those cheeks!  She’s storing up for the winter. She’s going to catch or surpass our dainty, docile Elizabeth pretty soon.       9Anna6 As the weather has been warming up we’ve been spending more time outside.  Every time I set out on the grass she has to get herself used to the weird texture again. It’s pretty fun to watch.9Anna7Once she gets used to the grass she’s off and she’s fast too.  On another note she has conquered the stairs.  Just today I found her making her just sitting on the landing of the stairs.  Yikes! She’s making the rounds pulling herself up and walking around the furniture.  She’ll even stand on her own for a few seconds.  It’s hard work trying to keep up with her siblings.9Anna10   She’s got two bottom teeth and I thought she was working on a few more, but she wasn’t teething.  She had roseola.  She’s all better now, just a rash all over her stomach and back.  It was fun to sit and cuddle with her while she was sick although it didn’t last too long.  Now she’s off and running again.

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