Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Rachel3Today is Rachel’s 6th birthday!  I can’t believe it, but I found a photo of her just after she was born.  She looks horrible doesn’t she?  I know the poor thing got bruises on her face and a blood shot eye.  She also happens to be the largest baby that I have given birth to.  Compared to some of my friends though, 8 pounds is nothing.  She also had the umbilical cord wrapped around her body so giving birth to her without drugs wasn’t that fun.RachLook at her now!  I think sometimes she suffers from middle child syndrome.  We’re working on it.  She’s not quite as old as Rebecca, but she wants to do everything that Rebecca is allowed to do.  Someday, Rachel, someday. She’s our sneaky, mischievous one and she’s quiet about it too.  You’ll be sitting around somewhere and then BAM!  She’s in your face out of nowhere.  It’s kind of funny.  I don’t know how she does that.Rachel2I think if you look at her there might be a little bit of Jared in her.  She definitely doesn’t have my hair.  I wish I had her hair.  It’ll get some really nice blond streaks in the summer.  We don’t even have to pay money for the streaks.  They just magically appear.Rachel1See that smile?  It’s contagious.  

Happy Birthday Rachel!  We love you!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!