Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Day?

Early last week we spent the morning hanging out with our church’s early learning center kids.  Renee, our director, decided to make the morning a field day.  FieldThings started out with a three legged race.  My kids didn’t quite understand why anyone would want to race this way. Being stuck to another person just slows them down.
They slowly got the hang of it.
   Then came the balancing race.  You could only use your spoon for this race.Field4
Hands behind your back please. Field5
They did this with three different sized puff balls. Field6
Next came the pie eating contest.  My kids didn’t know how to handle this one either.  They’re not allow to eat like this at home, so they probably thought they were going to get into trouble. Field7
Elizabeth finally got into it…and kind of liked it. Field8
It only took her forever to finish. Field9
Even during Rachel’s turn, Elizabeth still hadn’t finished her plate. Field10 Rebecca became a pro!
Our early learning center is now accepting applications for the fall, so bring your kids over!  Aren’t they just the cutest little kids?  Some of them have been around since the center opened three years ago.  I can’t believe how they’ve grown. 

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