Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let’s Go, Rockies!

WARNING: This is going to be a really long post about the Rockies and baseball.  If you don’t like either you can just skip this post!Rockies28Jared was given some Rockies tickets for his birthday.  And as luck would have it, it became a doubleheader.  The game the day before was snow, rained, or hailed out.Rockies34Cell phones.  What do you think of them?  They make it so you can work 24/7.  Is that good or bad?  What did we do before we had them? Rockies35Baseball is in the air.  You gotta love the atmosphere at the ballpark.   Rockies2Todd Helton and Troy Tulowitzki  are some of the big names for the Rockies.  We love them! Rockies4

Seth Smith was given the nickname Mr. Late Night because last year he ended a lot of their games with walk off homeruns or hits.

 Rockies5 Rockies6

This was the beer man for our section.  Do you think he’s been doing this for too long?  Those bottles are actually plastic, so when someone finished a beer he cut a slit in the bottle and stuck it on his cap.


Greg Smith pitched the first game.  He struggled a little, so he got pulled.Rockies8

Corpas came in for him, but I think that game was already a lost cause.  We didn’t win.Rockies13See that guy there in black?  He’s actually sprinting.  You can see that right?  Video would be much funnier.  He’s the guy who takes the pitcher’s coat to the dugout when the pitcher takes the mound from the bullpen.  I want that job.Rockies33While the pitcher was warming up this what the infield does.  They talk strategy.  At least that’s what I think they’re doing.  I really wasn’t in on the conversation. Rockies10The outfield is doing the same thing.  Or maybe they’re just talking about what bar to visit after the game. Rockies11Moving on to the second game, Dexter Fowler is one of my favorites too!  He’s batting.  See him?  He’s number 24.   Rockies14The moon came out in the afternoon.  Gina, this is for you.  She wanted a picture of the moon and the airplane together. Rockies15

 Rockies16While the Rockies were on the road, Jared’s friend, Ubaldo, pitched a no hitter.  We honored him at the game.  It was pretty cool.  It was the Rockies first no-hitter ever!    Rockies17Sun and blue skies; it doesn’t get any better. Rockies18It wasn’t overly warm at the game.  Since we sat in the sun it was pretty warm, however, as the sun got lower it got colder.  By the time the sun went down we were putting on hats and winter coats.  I actually had five shirts on by the time we left.  Only in Colorado would you be able to drink hot chocolate or eat snow cones at a ballgame.  :) Rockies19Aaron Cook pitched our second game.  He did quite well.  In fact, he pitched the entire game.  He might just have a laser rocket arm.Rockies20Remember that no hitter by Ubaldo Jimenez?  Well, Dexter Fowler was a big help in that no hitter.  He had this amazing catch in that game.  All Ubaldo could say was, “Wow!” That’s Dex there, number 24.  He’s the man!Rockies21He’s quick too.  He can turn a single into a double with no problems. Rockies23  Carlos Gonzalez is quick on his feet as well. He really knows how to strut his stuff.Rockies27      Tulo in action!Rockies25The moon grew as the night went on.Rockies31

Leaving Coors Field.  It’s got to be one of the best ball parks around!  And we won the second game 8-1.

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